Small Molecule R&D Platform

Small molecule drugs have been the backbone of targeted therapies and can bind to a wild range of extracellular and intracellular targets. In comparison to biologic therapeutics, small molecule drugs offer distinct advantages such as low cost, oral bioavailability, greater tissue and tumor exposure and access to intracellular targets. To discover next generation small molecule drugs that have improved therapeutic index, are able to overcome drug resistance and ideal for combination therapies, Zenshine’s technology platform is based on our successful small molecule R&D experience, comprehensive selection of therapeutic targets, rational approach to generate clinical candidates and cost-efficient development of products to lower the overall R&D expense. Our pipeline consists of proprietary small molecule drugs that are potentially to be best-in-class or first-in-class therapies to serve the under-served patients.

Therapeutic Areas

Science-centric discovery and development of novel and superior therapies for the treatment of cancer, infectious and inflammatory diseases

The immune system needs to keep a balance to achieve an effective response and avoid collateral damage. Inflammation and immunity are inherent characteristics of cancer, and the hallmarks of cancer include “avoiding immune destruction” and “tumor promoting inflammation”. Infection or infection-associated chronic inflammation contribute to up to 25% of human cancers. Compounds in our pipeline target crucial biological pathways to treat patients with infectious, inflammatory and cancerous diseases.


Cancer immunotherapies such as checkpoint inhibitors have been revolutionary in the treatment of varieties of cancers. We focus on the small molecule drugs that can be used as single agent and in combination with other immunotherapy agents to overcome the low response rate and treatment resistance of current immunotherapies.


Inflammatory diseases are related to a dysregulated or an overactive immune system. The heterogeneity and complexity of the disease etiology of inflammation make the search for new good cellular targets challenging. We are targeting signaling molecules that are required for the activation of multiple immune cells with highly selective small molecule inhibitors to combat these chronic and immune cell-mediated diseases.

Infectious Diseases

Influenza viruses kill large populations across the globe every year, and pandemic outbreaks such as SARS-Covid2 virus have a huge impact on human life, the world order, and the economy. The Zenshine team is working on a broad spectrum of medications to prevent and treat influenza and coronaviruses.