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    Zenshine is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, focused on small molecule therapeutics in the areas of cancer, viral infection and inflammation. Our mission is to apply the best science to serve patients.

    Zenshine leverages the team’s extensive expertise and experience in developing proprietary chemical entities with well-defined differentiation to benefit the patients. By targeting key biological pathways to disrupt virus replication, directly block tumor growth and enhance anti-tumor immune responses, Zenshine commits to providing bench-side to bed-side solutions and delivering the best-in-class or first-in-class therapeutics.

    Our History

    · Zenshine Pharma was founded in 2018 in Hangzhou, China.
    · May of 2020, Zenshine's headquarters was moved to Nanjing, China.
    · June of 2020, Received its first IND approval from US FDA.
    · December of 2020, Raises Series A Financing.
    · May of 2021, Raises Series A+ Financing.
    · July of 2021, Receives US FDA IND Approval to Initiate Clinical Trial for ZX-4081.
    · September of 2021, NMPA Approved IND Application for ZX-7101A.
    · December of 2021, NMPA Approved IND Application for ZX-101A.
    · Jan of 2023, Raises Series B Financing.
    · Aug of 2023, Reached a commercial strategic cooperation agreement with Jichuan Pharmaceutical.
    · Sep of 2023, Raises Series C Financing.
    · Feb of 2024, NDA filing accepted by NMPA for Seloxavir Marboxil.


    Patient-centered, Science-driven, Synergistic teamwork

    Jinfu Yang, PhD

    Chairman, Executive President

    Xiaolin Hao, PhD

    Chief Executive Officer

    Yilin Li, PhD

    Chief Medical Officer

    Min Sun, PhD

    Senior Vice President, CMC

    Yaokui Gui

    Senior Vice President, Commercialization

    Chuangbao Zhang

    Secretary of the Board of Directors, 
    Executive BD Director

    Xiaoyan Wang

    Executive Finance Director