First patient with advanced solid tumor receives ZX-101A treatment in China
Date / 2022.04.01

March 31, 2022, Nanjing Zenshine Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd (Zenshine Pharma) announced that the first patient with advanced solid tumor had received ZX-101A treatment in the Phase I/IIa study in China(ZX-101A-201, NCT05258266)

ZX-101A-201 is a phase I, open-label, multicenter study which includes dose escalation and dose expansion of ZX-101A. It is designed to evaluate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics (PK), pharmacodynamic (PD), and preliminary antitumor activity of ZX-101A in patients with advanced solid tumors.

About ZX-101A
ZX-101A is a next-generation of PI3Kδ/γ inhibitor with improved therapeutic window. Dual inhibition of PI3Kδ and γ by ZX-101A as the treatment of hematologic malignancies may synergistically exert through directly inhibiting PI3K signaling in malignant lymphocytes and enhancing anti-tumor immunity. Preliminary data from US phase 1 clinical trial showed that ZX-101A has favorable PK, safety and efficacy. In animal models, ZX-101A exhibited excellent efficacy against solid tumors, and showed synergistic anti-tumor effects in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors to overcome the resistance of immune checkpoint inhibitor treatments.

About Zenshine Pharma
Zenshine Pharma is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, focused on small molecule therapeutics in the areas of cancer, viral infection and inflammation. Our mission is to apply the best science to serve patients. Zenshine Pharma leverages the team’s extensive expertise and experience in developing proprietary chemical entities with well-defined differentiation to benefit the patients. By targeting key biological pathways to disrupt virus replication, directly block tumor growth and enhance anti-tumor immune responses, Zenshine Pharma commits to providing bench-side to bed-side solutions and delivering the best-in-class or first-in-class therapeutics.

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